The Resilient Journey of Ajinkya Rahane: Beyond Destiny’s Child

Ajinkya Rahane

He stands out among the stars because of his timid demeanour and readiness to silently bear significant loads.

Ajinkya Rahane
Rahane was instructed to consider long-term potential while on the pitch.

Ajinkya Rahane’s Path to Redemption

Even if the past 18 months haven’t been the best for Ajinkya Rahane, the India batter, they haven’t been a terrible time for Ajinkya Rahane, the former India batter, to talk about Ajinkya Rahane, the India batter.

For instance, “It’s all about trying to remind myself that if I can just be Ajinkya Rahane and play like Ajinkya Rahane, I think I’ll be fine.”

It’s a brilliant phrase, delivered immediately after his 27-ball 61 for Chennai Super Kings this season. It may have been the most mind-blowing IPL performance to date (in a season that included many innings). If being Ajinkya Rahane is all about this, then whose Ajinkya Rahane have we been exposed to all these years, even though Rahane already had two IPL hundreds to his credit?

“I don’t want to try to convince anyone of anything.” as another illustration. My competitor is me. Things will fall into place if I continue on that path. I want to support my game; I don’t want to chase anything.

Another remarkable statement of self-affirmation, this one delivered in the warmth of a double hundred in the Ranji Trophy, which had earlier helped Mumbai win the Syed Mushtaq Ali championship the previous month.

He’s made a lot of mention in other places of trying to live in the moment, of not wanting to look back or forward too much. He compared the current situation, which is the commencement of the Ranji season, to the beginning again.

Ajinkya Rahane
He’s made a lot of mention in other places of trying to live in the moment

After winning the IPL and looking ahead to the World Test Championship final, he recently arrived in the UK and spoke once more on the value of living in the present, appreciating it, and letting go of the past.

It’s not a revolutionary realisation. It might seem like a page from a self-help book (or, as they are now known, an autobiography) if you placed all these assertions together on one page rather than as an intermittent document of a season. But Rahane’s words and deeds have always had a charming earnestness, similar to the India head coach but with a somewhat less potent fire. Since Ajinkya Rahane was never one of the prominent figures in Indian batting, one of the structures adjacent to the Burj Khalifa, or one of Destiny’s Child’s non-Beyoncé members, this honesty has always been slightly heightened.

You only sometimes receive one match; it’s not a given. Rajane performs well and demonstrates his talent; you never know what can happen, even when an injured person returns.

Rahul Dravid on Rahane’s possibilities for the future

And this moment, on the cusp of a return to the Indian Test side ahead of the WTC final, is a beautiful moment for him. His batting has hit upon the elusive truth all batters come back to at some point, the fact that made them suitable in the first place, that made it feel so simple at the time, shorn from the complications of formats and from the pressures of the impending doom that is batting. Your winnings, your career, your life, all down to one ball, day in, day out.

And right now, as the WTC final approaches, he is poised to make a comeback to the Indian Test team. His hitting has discovered the elusive truth that all hitters eventually return to. The reality made them suitable in the first place and made it feel so simple at the moment, free of the demands of formats and the looming doom that is batting. One ball determines your innings, career, and life every day.

But because the rope you are given is shorter, being Ajinkya Rahane might also offer a tricky situation. In Rahane’s condition, it makes sense to consider a return to India colours not only as a lovely birthday gift but also for a short time since his age approaches 35 one day before the final. Additionally, familiarity tends to taint these occasions. They know you. They are aware of your strengths. They are aware of your weaknesses.

The likelihood is always present in such circumstances that a failure will be viewed only as a reminder of prior failures, reviving old wounds. It is the reason we first discontinued it. And success is minimised since, clearly, that’s what we anticipated and the reason we put our trust in you once more.

Not to mention that annoying voice in the back of our minds that keeps reminding us that what Rahane is saying at this precise now is a denial of what it means to be a human; we do ruminate on the past. We need to catch up on who we were. We are prone to overthinking.

Ajinkya Rahane
In January 2022, Ajinkya Rahane last participated in a test match.

Therefore, a second opportunity may be both a blessing and a curse.

Rahul Dravid does not necessarily view it that way. He shouldn’t be able to and cannot. Having someone of Rahane’s calibre and expertise on board is only beneficial. “He offers demonstrated performance in foreign environments, even in England. He has given us some outstanding innings. He also contributes excellent slip-catching to the team. He contributes his individuality to the group, which is crucial. The squad has had great success under his leadership. Therefore, having someone like him around is just incredible.

And Rahane should not view or approach this as a one-time chance, as Dravid is desperate for it not to be. It’s not a given that you get one match. Sometimes you are cut from teams, and then you come back, and you may play for as long as you’re performing and playing well. He performs well and demonstrates his talent; you never know what may happen, especially when someone returns from an injury.

Even still, Rahane’s presence here feels a little out of place since the Indian batting galaxy, in which he was never the most outstanding star, to begin with, has only become brighter and more crowded. Rahane is only back at all because Shreyas Iyer was hurt. Shubman Gill, Ishan Kishan, and, among the backups, Suryakumar Yadav and Yashavi Jaiswal, are then gathered around him, in addition to the 25-year-old first-class cricketer averaging 80. Hip-hop fans must have felt this when the Wu-Tang Clan was initially formed. 

For now, they are considered “white-ball heroes,” but guess what the world has learned over the past year (and more gradually over the past ten years)? The newest red-ball cricket strategy is to use more white balls.

Rahane, a man who has always seemed more at ease with himself and his abilities, will most likely not be phased by anything. A man who has a subdued presence, drooping eyes, steeply sloping shoulders, and has carried some hefty loads for a very long time.

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