MS Dhoni’s Unwavering Dedication: Playing Through Pain and Never Complaining About His Knee 2023

Ms dhoni, csk

In a popular video, CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan looks back on a good season and stresses that he wasn’t “pacifying” Jadeja.

MS dhoni, csk
Dhoni became overwhelmed after witnessing a homegrown youngster win the trophy for CSK.

The MS Dhoni Surgery and Promises of Another Season

Even though it would have required him to play with his left knee in a cast and extensively strapped, MS Dhoni decided not to miss a single IPL game this season. Since having surgery in Mumbai earlier this month, the former India skipper, who guided Chennai Super Kings to a sixth IPL championship, is “comfortable, happy, and recovering.”

“We never asked him questions like, ‘Do you want to play or do you want to sit out.’ Kasi Viswanathan, CEO of CSK, told cricket news Tamil that he would have notified them immediately if he couldn’t play. “We knew it was difficult for him to play, but everyone knows his dedication to the squad, his leadership, and how the team benefits. You have to respect him from that standpoint. He never complained to anyone about his knee until the very end. Even though everyone could see him trying to run, he never complained. He announced, “Okay, I’ll have surgery,” after the final. He has recovered and is delighted that his operation is completed.

At the post-final presentation, MS Dhoni acknowledged that the “best time” to retire would be after winning the championship, but he promised to play for “at least” one more season if his health permits. Even if it means putting in “tough” yards for a further nine months, this will be a “gift” to his followers. That viewpoint is still valid, considering Ms Dhoni will shortly start rehabilitation after three weeks of post-surgery rest.

Viswanathan added, “Actually, he informed us right after the final was completed he’ll go to Mumbai, get surgery, and then return to Ranchi for rehab. “I visited Ruturaj in Mumbai after his wedding [on June 4]. It was a cordial phone call. He feels entirely at ease. He stated that he would begin his rehabilitation after three weeks of relaxation. And, as he already said, he will play in January or February. There is no need to remind him of everything.

We won’t ask him, “What are you going to do, how,” etc., since he already knows what to do and how to approach the situation. He’ll tell us on his own. Any action he takes will be preceded by a call to Mr N Srinivasan and no one else. In actuality, he’ll be honest with him. We’ll learn that he is acting in this manner from him. Since 2008, things have been this way. That is how things will go on.

Additionally, Viswanathan dismissed rumours of hostility between Ravindra Jadeja and Dhoni. After Jadeja was replaced as captain mid-season the previous year, there were rumours that things between the two were not going well. When Jadeja left the camp injured, talks got worse.

Jadeja is rumoured to have been irritated by the cries of “We want Dhoni!” every time he entered the batter’s box this season. Then, following CSK’s match in Delhi, when Jadeja finished with figures of 0 for 50 from four overs, there were images of him and Dhoni having an intense conversation. A little while afterwards, Viswanathan had a lengthy discussion with Jadeja. Then came cryptic tweets about “karma” and simple ones about sponsors’ thanks but none from fans.

MS dhoni, csk
Reports of a disagreement between Dhoni and Jadeja were denied by Kasi Viswanathan

Viswanathan praised Jadeja’s bowling, saying, “He bowled superbly.” As a result, anytime Jadeja (our batting lineup of Ruturaj, Conway, Moeen, and Rahane) got in to bat; he had 5–10 balls remaining. It may or may not click in such circumstances. However, he also knew that Dhoni would bat next and that he occasionally only received two or three balls. The audience used to cheer Dhoni on whenever he entered such circumstances. He could have felt a little wounded. That pressure might have applied to any player, for that matter. Despite sending a tweet about it, he didn’t voice his displeasure.

“Everything is inherent to the game. People who watched tapes of the last game thought I was soothing Jadeja, but it wasn’t like that. I was chatting with him about the game and his actions. We didn’t talk about anything else. In a team setting, everyone knows that nothing that occurs in the dressing room is discussed outside of it. There isn’t any issue here. He always held Dhoni in the highest regard. He also proclaimed, “I dedicate this knock to Dhoni,” following the game. He has that kind of regard for MS.

What did Dhoni say to him after winning the match?

“He declared, ‘Look, the fifth title has been given.’ It’s a huge relief, said Viswanathan. He commended Jadeja for his work and self-assurance. Jadeja felt at home there; Ahmedabad was like his backyard. It was pretty gratifying. Everyone is aware of Dhoni’s 2012 CSK discussion on Jadeja. He enjoys watching a homegrown youngster win the championship for CSK.

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