Aman Khan, Ishant Sharma , and the Story of a Capital Jailbreak 

Aman Khan , Ishant Sharma

The two games helped protect 130 and knocked the IPL leaders out of first place.

ishant sharma and aman khan
How Ishant Sharma defeated Tewatia by drawing on his


The Mental Game of IPL: How Delhi Capitals Overcame the Pressure to Succeed 

Ricky Ponting rubbed his chin with a scowl on his face. Back behind him, Sourav Ganguly shook his head and pursed his lips. During the powerplay, Mohammed Shami had just taken his fourth wicket. At 23 for 5, the Delhi Capitals were struggling.

The result was anticipated entirely, thanks to Shami’s accuracy; if you had frozen this tape on a quiz show years later to ask what happened next, everyone’s buzzer would have sounded immediately.

He was considering that it was apparent what would occur. Similar to what Ponting did as a pundit on television a few years back when Mitchell Starc showed up and drove a wedge through the gate as he was analyzing Prithvi Shaw’s weakness against the centering ball.

Capitals are now hoping that Aman Khan will come to their aid. They also have Axar Patel, who is arguably their best batter this year. He is proving to the team management that is holding him back in the high-scoring game they lost to Sunrisers Hyderabad three nights prior, with each stroke being a mistake.

Every ball is under strain in a game with such high stakes. Running away from it is not an option. Earlier this year, Axar said these things. It encapsulated his strategy. You have to accept it. There are no hiding places in the center of a boxing ring. You have to deal with your rivals, your struggles, and the pressure of the scoreboard as the season draws to a close. No place to hide exists.

The relaxing effect of Axar works wonders in enabling Aman Khan to play himself. The goal is to bat out the overs without giving away the game. In those circumstances, players will occasionally claim they gain nothing and nothing to lose Aman Khan undoubtedly stood to gain a lot.


People are eagerly awaiting your slip-ups. Aman Khan isn’t very young at 26. His career might receive the kind of breathing room you wouldn’t usually get in Mumbai, thanks to an IPL performance here.

Aman Khan, and Ishant Sharma
Aman Khan enjoys his first T20 fifty

From Slower Balls to Sixes: Aman Khan’s Century in the Face of Adversity

Later, during the press conference, he admitted, “I wasn’t going to play tonight. He appeared to have one final opportunity because of Mitchell Marsh’s illness. In the many opportunities Mitchell had earlier, he hadn’t “played a single meaningful knock.”

Aman Khan plays a lot of club cricket in Mumbai. Club cricket is a competitive sport that teaches players how to compete for survival and carve out a niche in a field where hundreds of pe.

He remarked that I was firm in confidence, but I went into a similar scenario and lost my wicket in the previous game in Hyderabad. “I felt pretty disappointed in myself. If I ever get another chance like that, I should seize it, I reasoned.

He displays intelligence by snatching runs and getting Axar on strike. He is the more laid-back of the two throughout their half-century stand but is aware that he will soon have to go. How, however? Rashid Khan is a challenge to be faced.

Aman Khan then attacks the opposite end, starting with Mohit Sharma. He maintains his form, chooses his position, and waits for Mohit to deliver slower balls onto the pitch, which he wallops. Mohit also reaches his first-ever T20 century of 50 runs off 41 balls with the six. He then rocks back to drag Rashid into the stands while feeling secure, knowing that the landmark is behind him. Ponting is now striking his thighs. In the Capitals’ locker room, everyone is grinning. Although not much, there is a glimmer of hope. Now it’s up to the bowlers to defend 130.

Aman khan , and Ishant Sharma
David Warner gives a hearty embrace to Ishant Sharma


From Test Bowler to T20 Hero: Ishant Sharma The Journey

Ponting’s infamous match with Ishant Sharma turned him into a Test bowler years ago. Toward the end of his career, Ishant Sharma is still trying to showcase his T20 abilities. His contributions and experience “cannot be sold in the bazaar,” as his former colleague Irfan Pathan put it, yet he is merely an afterthought at the auction.

After a string of deliveries directed away from the bowler, Khaleel Ahmed immediately finds his rhythm and dismisses Wriddhiman Saha. Sunil Gavaskar, who is in the commentary box, is perplexed about how an opener could walk out and chase a delivery so vast. He yells, “Leave the ball, leave the ball,” but Saha does the opposite. The Titans are down two after Shubman Gill crashes one straight to cover.

The next big one is the magic ball that has Dale Steyn reaching for his phone. As Ishant Sharma knocks out Vijay Shankar, he tweets, “The best knuckleball I’ve ever seen.” There aren’t many fans wearing blue in the stands, but the few Capitals fans there are likely grinning for the first time.

Hardik Pandya is steadfast as a rock. He is unfazed by the asking rate, his inability to time the ball, or his failure to recognize boundaries. Hardik adheres to MS Dhoni’s method of playing the game thoroughly. However, by attempting to do so, he has given the Capitals a window of opportunity.

Ishant Sharma and Anrich Nortje are now in charge of delivering the decisive blow. However, you might question whether the Capitals were taken for a ride when Rahul Tewatia goes 6,6,6 in the penultimate over. Warner suddenly appears to be controlling traffic at a busy crossroads as fielders are moved about, bowlers are having brief meetings, and orders are being given from the dugout. Everything is in motion.

Then Ishant Sharma shows up again, with 12 needed after only 6. He prepares the pitch for the entire ball and delivers two wide yorkers that are impossible to catch. The playing ground is unaltered. Tewatia anticipates him to bowl completely and comprehensively once more, possibly. Still, Ishant Sharma knocks it into a length to cramp Tewatia, which he subsequently said was a part of his strategy to ‘double bluff’ the batter. At cover, the catch is taken. Titans must make nine off of two. Up until you see Rashid leaving, you believe it to be finished.

Ishant Sharma, though, backs up his finest ball and again shoots wide. Rashid extends his hand to cut it down while diving. Rilee Rossouw intercepts the ball. It’s now a one-ball fight. Ishant opens the air. It’s a complete toss. Fortunately, it’s not a no-ball. The slice wiggles back from the tip. A boundary is avoided, and a phenomenal match is sensationally retrieved.

Ishant Sharma is beaming broadly. Ponting’s naive excitement is impossible to suppress. He almost bumps into Sarfaraz Khan. Ganguly is raising his arms. Shane Watson claps ferociously. The Capitals have pulled off a heist and are barely in one piece.

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