The IPL Effect: Is T20 Cricket Distorting the Shape of the Game

Cricket, T20

The Unstoppable Rise of T20 Cricket: Will It Reshape the Game Forever

T20, more notably the IPL, is growing at a rate that could cause the game’s shape to become completely unrecognisable.

Cricket, t20
The primary factor influencing today’s game is big money, especially from Indian teams


Nobody should be held responsible for failing to anticipate the future entirely, but cricket should be criticised for failing to plan its various formats’ development adequately.


Around the time T20 cricket was introduced, administrators had plenty of time and opportunity to create a solid plan for the game’s future. It should have outlined a course of action that allowed many styles to thrive without resorting to intermarriage and cannibalism. However, the chance was lost, and cricket was left to produce several odd formats that vied for dominance. Promoting each form as a stand-alone product would have created rival states that would appeal to various fan bases, preventing this inbreeding.

Cricket could have thrived and prospered over the years if administrators had intervened to guarantee that this process occurred in a planned and harmonious manner. A strategy like this would have ensured that cricket gave thrilling entertainment to many followers, cementing its place in athletic history.

Instead, the IPL cleverly cemented itself as the top franchise cricket event and secured an exclusive timeslot. Additionally, they ensured Indian players received fair compensation for participating only in the league, which helped.


The Administration’s Lack of Vision: How IPL Owners and Players Prosper While Cricket’s Future is at Risk

Cricket, T20
Crowning the King of T20 Cricket

As it expands its wings to buy overseas franchises, the IPL is already discreetly dictating the future of cricket. In the meantime, players have much more financial sway than ever and significant control over how the game will affect their future.

The 1977 World Series Cricket revolution would ultimately change player power, although the administrators could never have predicted it. Players had nowhere else to play before the creation of WSC if they were unsatisfied with a controlling body’s compensation. If a player is dissatisfied with the salary offered, they can now instruct their home board to jump into the lake, allowing them to continue their business in the global franchise market.

This predicament is further highlighted by IPL franchises expanding by purchasing teams in foreign leagues in the USA, the West Indies, South Africa, UAE, and South Africa. Encouraged by this accomplishment, the IPL is now considering investing in certain players by giving them long-term contracts. As a result, players might eventually decide to represent their IPL franchise in different competitions while turning down an agreement with their national boards. The players have benefited financially from the administration’s lack of vision, while the IPL owners have prospered.


There is a risk that IPL franchises, and hence big business, will ultimately control sports thinking, and T20 will become the standard form of play.

The Risk of Riches: How T20 Leagues Could Take Over Cricket

Cricket, T20
The Risk of Riches

Administrators should have created a plan that would have allowed a range of styles to thrive without necessitating inbreeding and cannibalism.

While sponsors and media outlets are eager to spend significant sums of money for the rights to the game and spectators are happy to pay to see T20, cricket must maintain a balance. The game requires thoughtful variation in its schedule, but large business does not place a high value on this. Never allow a media organisation to rule your sport, advised Kerry Packer, the revolutionary leader of the World Swimming Championships.

With the help of the immensely lucrative IPL, India dominates sports, and the BCCI wants a significantly larger share of the ICC’s revenue. There is no denying that India is the cricket superpower, but the sport has to flourish globally rather than being dominated by a single country. Many significant nations in the game cannot afford to be underfunded.

Cricket can select an effective authority to regulate the sport and put up a reasonable playing calendar. Instead, vested political interests and self-interest took control, which gave the IPL licence to exercise its formidable powers.

Since the players only have a brief career in which to maximise their earning potential, no one can hold them responsible for accepting enormous financial awards. Similarly, the IPL identified a market weakness and is fully utilising it. The prior years’ administrators’ lack of foresight compounded this shortcoming.

The administrators could have better-planned sport’s future and allocated funds more fairly if they had involved the many stakeholders in the game earlier. Sports could have established a sound road map for the future and ensured the game’s popularity grew by polling the varied opinions of players, administrators, sponsors, and fans.


In the current situation, there is a risk that too much riches will wind up insufficiently many people’s hands, and that T20 leagues will take over the cricket schedule.

Cricket fans appreciate the variety of game types that are played around the world. There is a match for every sports lover with T20, Tests, and One-Day Internationals. Traditionalists prefer Test cricket, but T20 leagues are becoming increasingly popular. There is a desire for creativity and variety within each format to keep the game engaging. But there’s always a chance that cricket’s fundamental spirit could be sacrificed for monetary gain. It might shatter the delicate equilibrium that has made cricket a popular sport for centuries if commercial considerations take precedence over cricketing common sense. Cricket’s long-term growth and prosperity depend on finding a balance between the sanctity of the game and client happiness.

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